Mobile ticket - ordering by ringing

Registration in the Mobile Ticket system

An alternative way for passengers to order a Mobile Ticket or other service is to use a unique feature with the possibility of payment by simply ringing the given number.

Thanks to this feature, passengers save time spent writing SMS text and numbers, and save the price of ordering SMS.

In order to use the ringing system, passengers must register in the Mobile Ticket system.

Registration is a one-time event and the passenger can do it from the comfort of their home:

  1. To register in the Mobile Ticket system, passengers ring the special telephone number 910 301 000. The system automatically terminates the call and sends an SMS to the passenger's mobile phone with a request to confirm registration.
  2. The passenger confirms the registration by SMS in the following format: YES HKR  and sends this SMS to the number 90230. They will receive a welcome SMS back and thus confirm the ordering of the Mobile Ticket service by ringing.

Registration SMS is charged as a regular SMS within the tariff of the given operator.

Ordering a Mobile Ticket by ringing

After successful registration, passengers can order a Mobile Ticket by simply ringing the special telephone numbers:

phone: 910 301 001

for ordering a ticket for 25 CZK including VAT, transfer ticket for 45 / 60 min.*

The ticket is valid for 45 minutes on working days from 04:00 to 19:00, 60 minutes on working days from 19:00 to 04:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

* Transfer ticket for 25 CZK is valid on working days from 04.00 - 19.00 45 min. 

On Sat, Sun, public holidays and on working days from 19.00 - 04.00 the transfer ticket is valid for 60 min.

phone: 910 301 024

for ordering a ticket for 80 CZK including VAT, all-day for 24 hours.

Telephone numbers for ringing can be saved by the passenger in the phone book of his phone so that he can use them conveniently at any time without having to remember them.

Ringing from a registered mobile phone is free of charge. The system automatically terminates the call and sends a Mobile Ticket (prepaid MT Premium SMS service) to the passenger's mobile. For the passenger, this is the most comfortable option to order the service.

If the passenger has problems with registration, he can call the Helpdesk tel. 234 493  120 (9.00 – 16.30) or send an SMS in the following format: HELP HKR to 90230.

Termination of service

If the customer wants to terminate the use of the Mobile Ticket service – ordering by ringing for any reason, the customer's mobile phone number can be removed from the system.

The customer only sends an order via SMS in the following format: STOP HKR to the number 90230.

Limitation of the number of simultaneously valid Mobile Tickets (rule 1+4) when ordering by ringing

This restriction serves primarily to protect passengers against unwanted ordering of the service, so-called "pocket SMS" and other types of misuse.

It is possible to have a maximum of 5 valid Mobile Tickets (regardless of the type – CZK 25/CZK 80) in addition to one telephone number (mobile). The time validity of individual tickets is checked. If the 1st ticket is valid, it is possible to order another 4 tickets from the same mobile number. This means that the passenger can buy a Mobile ticket for himself and 4 other passengers.

If 5 are valid at the same time, then when trying to order the 6th ticket, the system will not allow this attempt, and at the same time the call will be answered and the passenger will be informed about it by voice message. This call will be charged to the passenger as a call to the fixed network according to the valid tariff with his mobile operator. For the 6th to the nth ticket it is possible to use the Mobile Ticket order via SMS.

Financial limit of CZK 2,000 for 1 registration

The financial limit for 1 registration is set in accordance with the Premium SMS Services Code (point 4.3.5), which has been approved by all Czech mobile operators and is binding for technical providers of these services. The valid version of the Code is available here:

If the total amount of transactions for the Mobile Ticket  service exceeds the set limit of CZK 2,000 per 1 registration, the "ordering SMS tickets by ringing" service is suspended and the passenger receives a call in the form of an SMS to extend the registration, i.e. he/she must reconfirm his/her interest in the service by sending an SMS "ANO HKR" to the number 90230.  If they fail to do so, The service is stopped.

Passengers can still order a mobile ticket via SMS or re-order the service at any other time, but they must re-register in the Mobile Ticket system and go through the registration process again, which will begin by ringing 910 301 000.