Mobile ticket - ticket inspection

At the request of an authorized person (inspector) of DPmHK, a.s., the passenger is obliged to present his/her mobile device with the Mobile Ticket displayed for inspection and to enable verification of all necessary data.

If this ticket is suspected of being invalid, the authorized person of DPmHK, a.s. has the option to carry out verification by means of a check ring.

If the passenger does not allow a proper check of the Mobile Ticket, he/she is considered to be a passenger without a ticket during the ticket inspection.

In the period from 7 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., when the public transport vehicle is entered only through the driver's front door, the driver of the car checks the Mobile Ticket and the passenger is obliged to present his mobile device with a valid ticket to the driver.

A mobile ticket is invalid if:

  • The ticket has expired
  • was not sent by the contractual partner DPmHK, a.s.
  • was modified or rewritten in any way
  • was forwarded in a copy to a different mobile phone than the one from which it was ordered
  • its validity cannot be verified for reasons attributable to the passenger
  • is not found in the mobile ticket database based on the control code