City Card Hradec Králové

městská karta

A city card (hereinafter referred to as the "card") is a contactless chip – electronic card. This carrier may contain information about the purchased season ticket or perform the function of an electronic wallet from which individual fares can be paid when entering the vehicle. Its function is independent of the time ticket. In the course of further development of the check-in system, the functions of the card will also be extended to pay for various services and events provided and organized by the city, such as parking, admission to social, cultural and sports events, entry to the landfill areas of Technical Services, etc., as well as to pay fares within the integrated transport system with the participation of other carriers in the region. The city card can now be used by the client as a library card for the Education and Research Library in Hradec Králové, using all the services that the library offers to registered readers. At present, it is also possible to use the city card when entering the summer swimming pool Flošna, the year-round open Wellness Studio Flošna and to enter the Municipal Spa-Aquacenter and Swimming Pool 50 m and to identify the reader to the Library of the City of Hradec Králové. 

The owner of the city card is Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s. The expected lifetime of the card, declared by the manufacturer, is 5 years. However, the validity of the cards can be individually extended according to their status.

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