You have two options


1. Submitting the application online, picking up the card at the DP Customer Centre, ul. Pouchovská 153 (one trip saved).


WARNING: Only new cards can be produced this way. (Production for a lost, damaged or stolen card is handled only in the store).


  • Fill out the requisition. Email required. 
  • Attach a photo file to the request form - fill in the path to the photo file and press the upload button (color scanned ID photo format (35 x 45 mm) in 200 DPI resolution in jpg format, photo dimensions 275x325 pixels - the photo must be cropped to these dimensions after scanning). If the photo does not have the prescribed dimensions, it will not be possible to attach it.  Example photo photo.jpg (if you don't know how to prepare the photo , read instructions)
  • press the "Send data" button.
  • The following page displays the details for making the payment (amount, account number, variable symbol). You can print the application, but you don't have to print it.
  • After receiving your payment with the specified parameters, the card will be produced and a message will be sent to your email about the date of card collection. After this date, the card can be picked up exclusively at our Customer Center in Pouchovská Street. For more information call 495 089 271.
  • To pick up the card, bring your identity document and the variable symbol of the payment you sent. A printed application, if any.


  • The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the data. If the data do not match the identity document (NAME, SURNAME, date of birth and PHOTOGRAPH - i.e. data that are printed on the card), it will be necessary to produce a new card for the price of a new card. 
  • It is important to send a payment with the correct variable symbol so that your payment can be assigned to the correct requisition !!!!


2. Arrange everything at the store (two trips to the store – submitting an application, picking up the card).


  • Fill out the requisition form 
  • Print a requisition
  • With a printed requisition, identity document and ID photo, come to any of the Transport Company stores where you submit the application. You will receive a voucher for picking up the city card, on which will be the application number and the date of picking up the finished card.
  • After the specified date in the voucher, come with this voucher to the same store where the card will be issued to you.