How to get a requisition

Before submitting a requisition

  • the applicant will familiarize himself with the Terms and Conditions for the use of the card
  • fill in the personal data on the request form
  • obtains 1 photograph of the ID format 3.5 x 4.5 cm (the photo will be returned to him together with the finished card)

Submitting a request form

  • the applicant comes with a request form and a photograph to one of the DPmHK stores
  • present an identity card or other identity document to check personal data
  • pay a handling fee for issuing the card in the amount of CZK 95
  • receives and carefully stores a requisition slip with the assigned serial number, the date of submission of the request and the date from which the card can be picked up at the same shop

Receipt of the finished card

  • Starting from the set date for picking up the card, the applicant will come with a request slip to the relevant dispensing point to collect the card
  • checks the correctness of the data on the card and signs its receipt
  • the passenger can immediately charge the card with a season ticket valid according to the valid tariff, or can also deposit funds on the so-called electronic wallet to pay the individual fare ranging from CZK 50 to 4,000
  • the passenger proves the entitlement to the discounted fare by means of a relevant document (for pick-up at shops or for download, see the item Documents for download in this section or another document e.g. from school - ISIC, IN-karta ČD, etc.)
  • The cardholder will be issued a proof of recharge, which must be kept for possible complaints 

City card while you wait

After ordering by phone at  495 089 271, the applicant will be in the DP customer center, ul. Pouchovská 153 in Hradec Králové City Card made while you wait. The applicant will agree on a specific time when he will come to the customer center, where a new card will be produced within 10-15 minutes after filling in the application, submitting an identity document and a photo. Without pre-ordering, it is not yet possible to produce new cards while you wait. The price for express card production is according to the valid price list. Only the first card can be produced while you wait, not a duplicate card of one holder.