Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s.
Pouchovská 153, 500 03 Hradec Králové.





1. According to this Complaints Procedure, it is possible to claim defects of contactless chip cards used for passenger check-in in in public transport operated by DPmHK, a.s.      during the warranty period (hereinafter referred to as "complaints"), to resolve card malfunction after the warranty period has expired (hereinafter referred to as malfunction) and to block cards against unauthorized use in  the event of loss or theft (hereinafter referred to as blocking).

2. Complaint, malfunction or request for blocking pursuant to Part I, para.      (1) applied by the cardholder; In the case of persons under 15 years of age, the requirements are applied by the legal representative of that person. The survivor acts on behalf of the deceased.

3. A complaint about card malfunction or a request for blocking can be filed in all advance stores of the Transport Company of Hradec Králové a.s., i.e. at the Pouchovská 153 customer centre and at the Public Transport Terminal,  Nádražní street.     

When making a claim or a request for blocking, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

 • ID card of the cardholder or legal representative or survivor
• Entering the password when blocking the card over the phone
 • confirmation of insertion of season tickets or cash in the case of a FREE CARD (type of transferable card)
• claimed card
 • death certificate in the case of a claim or request to block the card for the deceased

    1. The amount remaining on the chip card or the unused part of the season ticket (only three months or longer) calculated on the date of application is paid in cash after taking into account the handling fee according to the price list. In case of transfer to another city card, the fee is not charged. 
    2. For a FREE CARD, the calculation is made analogously to a personalized card, but it is necessary to submit proof of charging to the presented card with the request and the paid or transferred amount is up to the amount of the documented deposit. 

    PART  II.


    1. The warranty period for chip cards is 24 months from the date of receipt of the card by passengers. For a free card, it is 24 months from charging.
    2. Claims for cards visibly damaged (e.g. bruised, cut, deformed, etc.) or cards otherwise damaged as a result of their use in conflict with the instructions for use and the Terms and Conditions for Issuing and Using the Municipal Card in Hradec Králové will not be recognized as legitimate.
    3. The passenger fills in the form "APPLICATION FOR A CITY CARD" or a complaint sheet, submits a non-functional chip card and receives a confirmation of receipt of the "APPLICATION" or the original complaint sheet.
    4. The deadline for settling complaints is max. 30 calendar days, unless the carrier agrees otherwise with the passenger. If the last day of the period for settling a complaint falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the last day of the period is the nearest working day that follows Saturday, Sunday or holiday.
    5. The confirmation of receipt of the application or the complaint sheet according to paragraph 3 shall be withdrawn when a new chip card is issued to the passenger.
    6. If the card claim was recognized as unjustified during the warranty period, the passenger is obliged, upon the carrier's request, to pay the costs incurred, including the price  for issuing a new card, immediately upon handover.
    7. In the event of a claim for a card with a charged electronic wallet, the balance in the electronic wallet after the last use of the card, found in the clearing center, will be transferred to a new card as part of the complaint procedure.
    8. In the event of a claim for prepaid season tickets, the same time period and the same type of ticket as inserted into the claimed chip card will be transferred to the new (corrected) chip card, unless the validity of the season ticket expires at the time of settling the complaint.
    9. During the complaint process, the complaint form replaces the travel document (only if a valid season ticket has been uploaded to the claimed card). Its validity is marked on the complaint sheet, after the expiry of this period it can no longer be proven when driving in public transport.


    PART  III.


    1. If the chip card is inoperative after the warranty period expires, the passenger may have a new card made, the procedure set out in Part I, paragraphs  4, 5 shall be followed.
    2. For issuing a new chip card, passengers pay a set handling fee (standard personalized card, express production, FREE CARD).                          


    PART  IV.


      • in the case of an electronic wallet, the balance on the card after the last use of the card detected in the clearing center
      • in the case of a season ticket, an aliquot part of the unused value of the season ticket (only for season tickets of three months and longer).

    The amounts will be refunded in cash at the Pouchovská 153 customer center at the complaint cash desk upon presentation of an identity card after including the handling fee according to the price list.

    1. Based on the request of persons under Part I, para. 2), the chip card can be blocked (e.g. due to loss or theft).
    2. The card can be blocked by phone (after reporting the password, if the cardholder stated it on the application for card issuance) or in person at all DPmHK, a.s. ticket offices upon presentation of an identity card. The holder may subsequently cancel the blocking of the card if a new card has not yet been issued.
    3. If the chip card is cancelled  at the passenger's request, the passenger shall be refunded:

    PART V.


    1. If the passenger does not pick up a newly issued chip card or a card after the end of the complaint procedure, the card will be stored, but no longer than one year from the date of issue (in the case of a new card) or three months from the end of the complaint procedure (in the case of a complaint). After this period, the carrier will physically destroy the card. The carrier shall draw up a record of the card disposal. The passenger shall lose the right to any financial compensation after the expiry of the same period.

    PART VI.


    1. This Complaints Procedure is valid from 1.12.2011.
    2. The Complaints Procedure is available at all sales points of the Hradec Králové Public Transport Company and on its official website
    3. The Complaints Procedure valid from 1.4.2006 is cancelled.


                        Miloslav Kulich

       Hradec Kralove  23.11.2011                                                                     Chairman