The application HopOn® brings an innovative and universal approach to buying tickets and works on Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Languages: Czech, English

HopOn® allows passengers to purchase tickets via smartphone even without mobile data, by paying directly from credit card. Passengers can purchase individual tickets online (with access to the internet) or via regular SMS, and time tickets online. If a passenger buys an individual ticket offline, the application sends an SMS to the operator whose services the customer uses, be it T-Mobile, Vodafone or O2.

The passenger will receive a tax document meeting the EET conditions for each transaction by email.

Tickets are issued after payment verification (after about 30 seconds), with the start of validity 2 minutes after purchase, so that the possibility of purchase at the time of inspection by the auditor is excluded.

The HopOn system and application do not have access to customers' credit cards.

All payment transactions are processed securely by the renowned Czech provider of these services GOPAY_s.r.o..  All data is securely stored on servers that comply with PCI DSS* standards, which means that all  payment card information is protected and customers do not have to worry about data misuse.

* PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of international security standards (norms) aimed at preventing the leakage of sensitive data about payment card holders and card fraud resulting from misuse of this data. In essence, these are 12 requirements that are transferred to organizations that process, transfer or store data on cardholders and card transactions (especially banks, authorization centers, merchants accepting payment cards).

Tariffs, prices and ticket selection options are set according to the user profile: seniors, students, children, etc., so that customers can use discounted fares in compliance with the rules.

The passenger can also buy tickets for other persons in the group (e.g. children or friends); employers can purchase tickets in the system for their employees, parents for school-bound offspring, etc.

Each customer is responsible for the veracity of the data given in his profile and acknowledges that any unauthorized benefit obtained on the basis of entering false data will be dealt with by the carrier in cooperation with the relevant authorities within the framework of the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic.

Please read the user manual before installing and using the HOPON application uživatelskou příručku.

Thank you for using our services.