for the operation of self-service storage boxes in 

Public transport terminal in Hradec Králové (THD),

operated by the Transport Company of Hradec Králové, a.s. (DPMHK, a.s.)


Article 1

            Self-service storage boxes, located in the premises operated by DPmHK, a.s. (custodian) in THD in   Hradec Králové, are used for short-term storage of luggage and personal items for the travelling public (custodian).

The maximum storage period (storage of the item) is three days.


Article 2

            It is forbidden to store in the storage boxes:

  • dangerous, flammable and explosive goods, firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons, alcohol, money, securities, things made of precious metals, personal and other documents,
  • items that are hygienically unhealthy, especially soiled clothing and clothing components,
  • perishable foods, frozen food and similar products,
  • beasts
  • audio-visual equipment, mobile phones and other electronics


Article 3

            Storage boxes are not used for permanent storage of movables, and therefore these movable items will be liquidated without compensation by the custodian without compensation after the expiry of the 30-day period, counted from the date of the maximum storage period.

Article 4

            DPmHK, a.s. as a custodian is not liable for damage incurred by the custodian in cases of breach of the conditions applicable to the operation of the escrow boxes.

Article 5

            By using the storage box, the  custodian agrees to these terms and conditions.

Article 6

Luggage and personal items are stored and taken out by yourself.


                                                                                               Dopravní podnik města

                                                                                              Hradec Kralove, a.s.



Terms and Conditions

of Self Storage Locker Use

at Hradec Králové Public Transport Terminal Building (TTB)

operated by the Hradec Králové City Public Transport Company (DPmHK)


Art. 1

            Self Storage Lockers, installed on the premises operated by DPmHK ("the Keeper") at Hradec Králové TTB, are designed for short-term storage of baggage and personal items of individual travellers ("the Storers").

The maximum storage time is three (3) days.

Art. 2

            It is forbidden to store the following items in self storage lockers:

  • Dangerous, flammable and combustible substances, explosives, firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons, alcohol, bank notes, securities, precious metals products, personal and other important documents
  • Insanitary goods, primarily soiled clothes and items of clothing
  • Foods subject to rapid spoilage, frozen food and similar products
  • Animals
  • Audio-visual devices, mobile phones and other electronic devices

Art. 3

            Self Storage Lockers are not designed for permanent storage of movables. Therefore, all movables left in lockers after expiration of the maximum storage time will be removed by the Keeper at their expense and destroyed without the Storer's right to compensation. The removal will take place 30 days after the date of expiration of the maximum storage time.  

Art. 4

            DPmHK, in the role of the Keeper, is not reliable for damages incurred by the Storer as a result of breach of the Self Storage Locker Terms and Conditions of Use.

Art. 5

By using a Self Storage Locker, the Storer hereto agrees with the Self Storage Locker Terms and Conditions of Use.

Art. 6

Baggage and personal items are placed in and removed from Self Storage Lockers by the Storers.


                                                                                    Dopravní podnik města

                                                                       Hradec Kralove, a.s. (Hradec                                                                        Králové City Public Transport Company)


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