Occurrence of damage or injury when using public transport in Hradec Králové

How to act in the event of an accident or damage in connection with your transport by public transport vehicle in  Hradec Králové.

Of course, we apologize for such cases in the first place.

However, if a situation occurs that you unfortunately suffer damage or injury in connection with transport by public transport vehicle, it is absolutely necessary:

1 / immediately report the occurrence of damage or injury to the driver of the public transport vehicle in which the case occurred 

2/ provide the driver with your contact details so that he can ensure the connection between you and representatives of the Transport Company of Hradec Králové, a.s.

3 / if necessary, request rapid rescue assistance through the driver, or the participation of the Police of the Czech Republic

4 / fill in the report on an emergency (download below) in connection with the operation of a public transport vehicle - see Incident report in connection with the operation of a public transport vehicle - and deliver it to the address of the Transport Company