HK Public Transport Terminal



Introductory provisions

The Transport and Operating Rules of the Public Transport Terminal Hradec Králové (hereinafter referred to as THD) are issued by the Transport Company of Hradec Králové, a.s. as the owner and operator. THD Transport Operating Rules, regulates the basic conditions for organizing the operation of regular and irregular bus transport; urban, long-distance, extraordinary, touring, on THD premises.


Governance and accountability

To ensure smooth and safe operation, drivers of all carriers and other persons moving in THD premises are obliged to obey the instructions and orders issued by the responsible employees of the operator.

Carriers and tenants are obliged to comply with OSH regulations applicable to their activities and are responsible for their employees and contractual partners.

All participants are obliged to act so as not to cause damage, they bear full responsibility for the damage caused.



operator THD        - Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s.

THD               dispatcher - an employee of the operator in charge of ensuring safe and smooth operation

                                        THD and compliance with the terms and conditions

                     carrier - an entity operating on a contractual basis on the premises of THD bus connections in  

                                         public regular passenger transport according to a valid licence or departures and arrivals    

                                         occasional road passenger transport services

tenant                     - is a contractual tenant of designated THD premises in which it realizes its interests.

bus stand         - departure or arrival parking in the THD area

regular transport - transport      operated according to the timetable

irregular traffic   - departures or arrivals of occasional passenger road transport, transport

                                        International, Extraordinary, Touring

departure stand            - the area of the stop reserved for boarding passengers and loading luggage into

                                        buses of the carrier, defined by the station sign

arrival station           - area reserved for passengers to disembark and unload luggage from buses

                                        defined by the station sign

parking of the vehicle - parking the vehicle in the          THD parking lot

entry            permit - one-time permit to enter THD - issued and charged according to the valid price list

                                        responsible THD employee

                                  - multiple entry permits;

                                  entry permit based on the Contract on the Use of THD in Hradec Králové


THD operation mode

The use of THD by the carrier or the lessee for the operation of services is provided for a fee according to the valid price list and the Agreement on the Use of THD in HK, or the Lease Agreement.

1.  The THD operator shall ensure:

  • during the set operating hours of the information centres, provision of information on the transport services offered by carriers, or their changes or deviations
  • publication of timetables taken from the carrier or from IDOS
  • Use of departure station before scheduled departure
  • dispatching services in the contractual scope during THD operating hours
  • for a fee allows short-term parking of the vehicle
  • protection of personal data obtained by the operation of the camera system


2.  The carrier shall provide:

  • familiarization of your employee – driver with these operating rules
  • timely submission of all agreed information before changing timetables.
  • immediate notification of the dispatching service of any deviations in the services provided, delay, delivery of another vehicle, reason for not arranging transport, etc.
  • immediate repair of an immobile vehicle and, in case of irreparability, its immediate towing outside the THD premises


3.  The lessee shall ensure:

  • familiarization of employees working in rented premises with these operating rules, contractual conditions of lease, fire regulations and measures relating to rented premises and with the obligation to deal with any incident (injury, fire, leakage of dangerous substances, etc.) immediately (firefighters, paramedics) and report immediately to the THD dispatcher
  • compliance with the prohibition of manipulation with technical devices and THD equipment and immediate notification to the THD   dispatcher of defects in the operation of these devices and equipment
  • preventing unauthorized persons from entering the rented premises
  • informing suppliers about safe means of movement and driving in THD, in particular that when stopping and standing, the vehicle must not restrict the operation of buses serving passengers in THD
  • parking of the lessee's vehicle is possible only after a preliminary agreement with the THD operator and at a designated place
  • compliance with the waste management regime, waste sorting, safe storage and ensuring removal


4.  Obligations of drivers of transport undertakings and other vehicles:

     Drivers are obliged to:

  • observe the provisions of the Road Traffic Rules throughout the THD area, unless otherwise regulated by local signs, the rule of priority of a vehicle coming from the right applies
  • maintain the maximum speed of up to 30 km/h.
  • when driving, take extra care with regard to the movement of other vehicles and the movement of persons
  • comply with the contractual conditions of THD use for the relevant line, respect the designated arrival and departure spaces, including compliance with the specified time and comply with the specified conditions of parking the vehicle
  • prove, upon request by an employee of the operator, a valid "Entry permit"
  • respect the instructions of the THD dispatcher – operational and extraordinary (fire, accident, etc.)
  • close the doors when leaving the rest rooms and THD areas
  • any accident, injury or other extraordinary event (e.g. leakage of operating fluids from the car, fire, etc.) in the THD area immediately deal with (firefighters, paramedics) and report immediately to the THD dispatcher
  • report to the THD dispatcher non-functional technical or technological equipment of THD (equipment or equipment of rest rooms, digital timetable, etc.)


Drivers are prohibited in the THD area:

  • allow passengers to disembark and board outside the designated exit and boarding areas
  • leave the vehicle engine running unnecessarily
  • stand and park buses outside the designated place
  • carry out maintenance work, except for the commissioning of an immobile vehicle
  • carry out washing and cleaning of the vehicle
  • pollute THD premises with petroleum products – droplets
  • manipulate the technical equipment and technical equipment of THD
  • throw garbage and cigarette butts outside designated areas
  • perform physical needs outside the toilet
  • smoke under the roofed part of THD and buildings


5.  Obligations of other persons, passengers, employees of charterers, carriers and operator:

     Movement of pedestrians and cyclists

  • all persons are obliged to respect the ban on smoking under the covered part of THD and buildings
  • pedestrians are obliged to cross safely in the THD area on pedestrian crossings
  • all persons are obliged to follow the instructions of THD operator's representatives, not only in the event of emergencies (fire, accident, etc.),
  • all persons are obliged to report the occurrence of an emergency to the information centres or to the THD dispatcher
  • it is forbidden to throw garbage and cigarette butts outside designated areas
  • passengers are allowed to use THD areas
  • passengers are obliged to respect the ban on entering the THD operational facilities intended for the operator, carriers or tenants and outside the operating hours also THD buildings
  • cyclists lead their bikes to the racks where they lock the bike, cycling is not allowed in THD areas, it is forbidden to lean bicycles on THD buildings and facilities



Final provisions

The THD traffic and operating rules in Hradec Králové will be handed over to all carriers who use THD according to the contract. Carriers are obliged to acquaint all travel employees with its contents. Failure to comply with the provisions of these traffic operating rules will be considered as a breach of the contract on the use of THD.

THD dispatchers are entrusted with checking compliance with the contractual conditions and provisions of the traffic operating rules.

Bc. Zdenek Abraham



Traffic signs of the Public Transport Terminal in HK: