Public transport Hradec Králové - ticket inspection

The main task of the transport inspection is to supervise compliance with the obligations of passengers in public transport arising from the relevant provisions of the Road Transport Act, the Railways Act, the Transport Regulations and the Contractual Transport Conditions.

  • The inspection is carried out by a so-called authorized person who, when performing a check of the validity of travel documents, presents himself with a control badge or a carrier card, uses the authorization described in detail in Article 9 of the Contractual Transport Terms and Conditions and is entitled to draw up a record of the performed ticket inspection with a passenger who does not have a valid travel document and who has not paid a surcharge for breach of the transport conditions on the spot. The passenger is obliged to identify himself with personal data from a document issued by a state administration body (identity card, driving license, passport), or to tolerate acts to establish identity (remaining in place until the arrival of the police, following the authorized person to the police,... ).

  • By boarding a public transport vehicle, the passenger enters into a contractual relationship with the carrier on transport and is obliged to comply with the conditions of the Transport Regulations, contractual transport conditions and tariff, in particular by charging for the ride immediately upon boarding. A ticket validated after the start of the ticket inspection is considered to be an invalid document.

  • When paying the SMS fare, the passenger can board the car only after receiving the SMS ticket.

  • A passenger without a valid travel document is obliged to pay the fare and a surcharge to the fare.

  • For driving without a valid travel document, a surcharge of CZK 1500 is set. If the passenger pays the surcharge on the spot or within 3 working days from the date of the inspection at the counter of the DPmHK, a.s., Pouchovská 153, HK customer centre or to the account at KB no. 656020207/0100, the surcharge is reduced to CZK 500.

  • If the passenger does not have a travel document with him during the inspection and if he proves within 3 working days from the date of the inspection at the counter of the DPmHK, a.s., Pouchovská 153, HK customer center, that his / her document was valid at the time of the inspection, he/she shall pay a surcharge of CZK 50. After that period, it loses the benefit of the reduced mark-up. The provision does not apply to individual paper tickets.

  • The surcharge to the fare shall not be reduced if the passenger presents a damaged travel document from which the data are not visible, a document of another holder or a forgery and such a document is taken away from him.

  • The company tries to recover outstanding obligations of passengers to DPmHK a.s. from the ticket inspection out of court by sending a reminder through a law firm. In the event of ineffectiveness of such a step, DPmHK a.s. on behalf of the law firm shall enforce its rights before the competent court. / order for payment, execution proceedings /. In connection with the considerable costs of these proceedings for the debtor, DPmHK a.s. recommends timely payment of the obligation.

  • Contact : The office of administration and collection of receivables is at Pouchovská 153, HK, tel.č. 495089268, 495089270.

The details of the relations between the carrier and the passenger are set out in the Contractual Conditions of Carriage. In particular, it deals with the establishment and performance of a contract of carriage, payment of fares and surcharges, transport of persons, animals and goods, transport inspection.


Excerpt from the Contractual Conditions of Carriage: Art. 9 – Ticket Inspection:
1)     The authorized person of DPmHK, a.s. shall present a control badge and, at the request of the passenger, a DPmHK, a.s. card when performing a ticket inspection. This obligation does not apply to the driver of the vehicle.
2)     The driver of the vehicle and another authorized person of DPmHK, a.s. equipped with a control badge                and a license is entitled to:
a)     require the passenger to present a valid travel document,
b)     exclude from carriage a passenger who, at the request of an authorised person, fails to present a valid travel document and fails to comply with the obligation to pay the fare and surcharge on the spot,
c)     exclude a passenger from carriage or impose a surcharge on a passenger if, despite warnings, he does not comply with the transport rules, instructions and orders of an authorized person, pollutes the vehicle or disturbs   the peaceful transport of passengers or otherwise bothers other passengers,
d)     refuse to allow for carriage or exclude from carriage the baggage of a passenger or an animal      transported with him, if they are an obstacle to safe and comfortable transport or endanger the health of passengers or if their transport is not allowed by transport conditions, in particular the occupancy of the vehicle, 
e)     require a passenger who has not presented a valid travel document to pay the fare and surcharge set by the tariff or require the passenger to present personal data necessary to enforce the payment of the surcharge,
f) invite a passenger who has not fulfilled the actions referred to in the previous letter e)      to remain in a suitable place until the arrival of a person authorized to establish the passenger's identity or to follow him to a suitable public administration workplace to establish the passenger's identity,
g)     in order to maintain the continuity and safety of traffic, decide on the method of controlling tariff discipline, e.g. by directing boarding and egress through designated doors.                                       
(3) If a passenger endangers the driver of the vehicle or another authorised person by breaching his/ her obligations 
      DPmHK, a.s., this is an offense under Act No. 250/2016 Coll., on liability for misdemeanors and proceedings about them.
4) A passenger who validates a paper ticket or pays for an electronic fare in the vehicle at the time of an already commenced performance of a ticket inspection shall be considered a passenger who, for reasons attributable to him/her, has not presented a valid travel document.
5) The surcharge for driving without a valid travel document, for smoking in a vehicle, for the transport of prohibited items and objects, for gross contamination of the interior of the vehicle by a passenger, is set at CZK 1500.
6) In the event that the passenger pays a surcharge (imposed pursuant to paragraph 5, )   on the spot, i.e. at the time of resolving the breach of obligations arising to the passenger from the Transport Rules and contractual transport conditions, the person authorized by the carrier is entitled to impose a surcharge reduced to CZK 500.
7) In the event that the passenger pays a surcharge (imposed pursuant to paragraph 5, ) in cash within three working days following the date of discovery of the passenger's breach of obligations arising from the Transport Rules and the Contractual Transport Terms and Conditions in the   tariff and ticketing department at the registered office of DPmHK, a.s ., the surcharge shall be reduced to CZK 500 CZK.
       The reduction of the surcharge may not be applied in the event of the detection of an invalid travel document pursuant to Article 3, par. 3, lit. b,c,d).
8) In the event that the passenger subsequently proves in the tariff and ticketing department at the registered office of DPmHK, a.s., within three working days following the day on which the passenger was ascertained without a valid travel document, that at  the time of the inspection he had already purchased a valid non-transferable season ticket or was a holder of a card entitling him to free transport, the surcharge is reduced to CZK 50.
9)   The surcharge for unpaid transport for the dog, for other breaches of the Transport Rules and contractual transport conditions not mentioned above, is set uniformly in the amount of CZK 50.
10) The director of the company always decides on mitigating the severity of the financial penalty resulting from the imposed surcharge, on the withdrawal from the imposed surcharge, on the withdrawal of the already commenced enforcement of the surcharge at all stages of the proceedings.

We believe that you are not indifferent to the so-called "black" rides of some dishonest people and you understand the need for transport control and you will tolerate certain personal restrictions that this activity can bring to the decent ones.