Public transport terminal Hradec Králové


Services provided at the Public Transport Terminal in Hradec Králové were supported by a subsidy from the budget of the Hradec Králové Region.


The public transport terminal (THD) in Hradec Králové was ceremonially put into operation on 5.7.2008. The construction of this transport junction started in August 2006. The terminal, together with the reconstruction of Rieger Square in front of the building of the Main Railway Station, definitively solved the unsatisfactory situation when regular bus transport was handled at two separate locations and in the area in front of the main station, regular bus transport was handled together with all public transport, including vehicle parking.

With the construction of the terminal, bus transport in Hradec Králové was centralized into one place where all transport is diverted, i.e. both public transport and intercity, regional and long-distance transport.

Facilities and services in THD

The Hradec Králové public transport terminal is designed in the form of two dominant buildings connected by the roofing of the apron areas.
At the same time, these two buildings define the designation of the aprons adjacent to the building.
The building of public transport and the building of intercity and long-distance bus transport.

Public transport (MHD) building

On the ground floor, the building is equipped with an information center with a comprehensive range of services and information related to public transport, such as ticket sales, information related to public transport in Hradec Králové.

In addition, fast food, an ATM ČS,  a.s. and public sanitary facilities and an internet kiosk are available to passengers in the check-in hall.

For passengers, there is also a vending machine for recharging electronic public transport cards in the hall. Quite unconventionally and very unusually, the architect solved the workplace of the dispatcher of the entire terminal, which in the form of a stylized hot air balloon "floats" in the form of a glass ball above the heads of passengers. The first floor of the public transport building is designed as a space for the operation of a catering operation, such as a pizzeria.

Building of intercity and long-distance bus transport (DD)

The ground floor of the DD building is equipped in the same way as in the public transport building with an information centre, with the only difference that the information centre provides information and services related to intercity, long-distance and international transport.

In addition, fast food and public sanitary facilities are available to passengers in the check-in hall, similarly as in the public transport hall. Passengers can also use automatic left-luggage facilities in the check-in hall and a rocking machine for children. On the first floor of the building there is a café and there are two free internet kiosks with free internet access available to passengers. On the second floor of the DD building there is a restaurant for about 30 people and sanitary facilities for the restaurant.

Public Transport Terminal Information System Hradec Králové

For initial information, passengers can use large display panels located above the entrance to both buildings and in the terminal halls.
These panels always show the nearest twelve departures of the respective mode of transport (public transport, regular transport).
In the lower part of the information panel located in the interior of the terminal hall there are three LCD screens, providing information about the nearest departures of ČD trains, departures of regular and long-distance bus transport in the public transport building and departures of public transport in   the building for long-distance transport.

The third screen is used in both buildings to display advertising spots.
Information about departures of individual connections and from electronic display panels. These panels are located on each platform.
Passengers can also obtain information about departures via the standard route from paper timetables posted on individual platforms.
In the event of transport emergencies , text announcements for passengers can be displayed on all panels so that they are informed in good time (delays or non-departures, etc.)
An audio system is also used to inform passengers, which sounds the entire area of the public transport terminal.