Public transport terminal Hradec Králové - construction

The intention to create originally only a bus station for intercity buses with the aim of unifying the hitherto fragmented passenger check-in in the area of the "U Koruny" stations and in front of the ČD station dates back to the deep past of the last century, over time the intention was constantly modified and in its final design extended to solve the bad situation when handling passengers of public transport in front of the main railway station.

On 25 January 2000, a resolution of the Hradec Králové City Council chose an option addressing not only the final location of the terminal in the area near Nádražní Street, but also a wider area in accordance with the valid zoning plan of the city. In September 2002, a variant of the Studio of Design and Architecture Prague was selected from the offers of 12 invited design offices, which also brought a new idea of connecting the Czech Railways station with the planned public transport terminal via public transport, thus creating a transport hub with a comprehensive system of transfer options for individual modes of transport.

The construction of the public transport terminal in Hradec Králové is divided into two main parts and the actual construction of the terminal building and the parking area part A, D in the area behind the VČE building and the complete reconstruction of Rieger Square in part B, C (pre-station area), for these reasons the work is also divided between two investors:

  • Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s., which will be the operator of the terminal, finances the construction of the Terminal part A and the construction of the overhead contact and contact line line part D and
  • The Statutory City of Hradec Králové finances the reconstruction of Nádražní Street, part B and the reconstruction of Rieger Square, part C. The total price of the work is close to CZK 500 million. CZK with VAT. An application for a subsidy from the EU structural funds in the amount of CZK 62 million was submitted for the construction of the new terminal.

After the completion of the public transport terminal, public transport lines will not end at Rieger Square, as is the case so far, but will continue to the public transport terminal, where all regional and long-distance bus connections will also go.

The area of Rieger Square will be designed as an area with a predominance of pedestrian areas and greenery with minimization of traffic areas, as a connecting urban element of the station and the city center, there will be almost eliminated passable individual car traffic.

The building of the public transport terminal itself consists of two separate check-in halls for public transport passengers and for regional and long-distance bus passengers, equipped with manned information centres and an electronic information system on bus and train departures. In each of the buildings, passengers will also be able to use refreshment facilities.

The entry and exit areas of the terminal are roofed with a lightweight membrane structure.
The completion of the terminal will create a central transfer point associating complete bus transport at the terminal site with a connection to Czech Railways connections provided by public transport, with comprehensive services for passengers and visitors of the city of Hradec Králové.

Facilities and services in THD

There are two buildings available to passengers in the THD area – the public transport building and the long-distance transport building (DD).

Public transport building – on the ground floor in the check-in hall there is an information center with the possibility of selling public transport tickets and obtaining information regarding public transport in Hradec Králové and sanitary facilities with the possibility of using a shower. Above the heads of the passengers, a glass sphere "floats" in the space, in which the THD dispatcher has a workplace. Behind the IC there is a fast food outlet available to passengers. On the first floor there is a pizzeria with seating.


The DD building – the ground floor of the DD building is equipped in the same way as in the public transport building, with the only difference that the information centre provides information and services related to intercity, long-distance and international transport. On the first and second floor of the DD building there is a restaurant for about 80 people and sanitary facilities.

Internet kiosks with the possibility of searching for any connection, an ATM and a vending machine for public transport tickets, including the possibility of recharging cards, will be located in the check-in halls.