About the company - introduction

The trading company Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s. was established on the basis of the founding deed signed on 17.3.1997, and by the decision of the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, the company was registered in the Commercial Register on 1.4.1997. The company is the legal successor of the former state enterprise Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové.

The main activity of Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s. is the operation of public transport in the territory of the city of Hradec Králové and to the municipalities of Běleč nad Orlicí, Divec, Charbuzice, Lochenice, Předměřice nad Labem, Stěžery, Stěžírky and Vysoká nad Labem. Public transport is provided by trolleybuses, buses and electric buses, which are owned by the company.

The secondary activities of the company are:

  • teaching to drive motor vehicles,
  • repair of motor vehicles and car wash,
  • advertising and promotional activities,
  • operation of physical education facilities and facilities for  regeneration and reconditioning, barbershop, hairdresser,
  • sale of diesel fuel to contractual customers,
  • Coach transport.

Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s. hereby informs consumers about the fact that in the event of identified deficiencies with the services provided, it has the right to contact the CTIA – at the address https://www.coi.cz.

Between 2006 and 2008, the construction of a modern transport terminal took place under the name "Public Transport Terminal in Hradec Králové – BUS HD Terminal". The investor and currently the operator of this terminal is Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s.

For more information about us, please contact the Commercial Register.