Bodies of the company

Board of directors

Zdenek Abraham

Vice-Chairman of the Board of T
Lubomir Stepan

Members of the Board of Directors
Ing. Vladimír Pejřil
Mgr. Miroslav Půža
Jiri Tesner
Andrea Turkova

Board of trustees

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
JUDr. Věra Pourová

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Eva Maresova

Members of the Supervisory Board
Mgr. Libuse Friedlova
Vaclav Koutnik
Ing. arch. František Křelina
Roman Plat

Audit Committee

By the resolution of the General Meeting of the Company held on 5 December 2017, which approved the amendment to the Articles of Association, a three-member Audit Committee was newly established with effect from 1 January 2018 in accordance with Act No. 93/2009 Coll., on Auditors, as amended.

In accordance with Section 44 et seq. of Act No. 93/2009 Coll., on Auditors, as amended, Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s., publishes the composition of the members of the Audit Committee, which are:


Ing. Vlastimil Hokr, CSc.


Prof. Ing. Václav Cempírek, Ph.D.


Ing. Vlastimil Juppa