About company - integrated management system - ISO standards

The main goal of Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s. is to provide quality and reliable services to its customers and passengers. Therefore, the company has introduced a quality management system according to ISO 9001for urban public transport, bus and trolleybus service and vehicle painting. Simultaneously with the introduction of the quality management system, the ISO 14001standards were implemented to increase environmental protection and ISO 45001, which ensures the standards of protection of its own employees, visitors and passengers from possible threats to their health.

The certification audit was carried out by the accredited company CERT-ACO, s.r.o. on 27.-28.6.2006. The aim of the established Integrated Management System is the company's intention to provide its customers and passengers with services at a high level of quality through professionally trained employees who have the required experience and knowledge. At the same time, not only legal but also other regulations are demonstrably observed, which serve to protect the safety of employees and other interested parties and to protect the environment to the maximum extent possible. According to the above-mentioned standards, the holder of the certificates is obliged to annually demonstrate the compliance of its activities with these standards and to continue to develop and improve the entire system.

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