Tariff of payments for information provided within the meaning of Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

Tariff of payments for information provided pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on Free Access to Information, as amended. 

A.  Payment for materials and service     

Copying - text, tablesA4 B/WA3 B/WA4 BarA3 Bar
Unilateral2,00 CZK4,00 CZK6,00 CZK10,00 CZK
Double sided4,00 CZK6,00 CZK8,00 CZK14,00 CZK
Copying - graphicsA4 B/WA3 B/WA4 BarA3 Bar
Unilateral5,00 CZK6,00 CZK14,00 CZK26,00 CZK
Double sided10,00 CZK12,00 CZK24,00 CZK36,00 CZK

Scan (to email)
Price for setup: 10,00 Kč
+ One side (pcs) 1,00 CZK

Save to CD/DVD
20,00 CZK


B. Payment for the provision of information associated with extensive data search. 

Information retrieved within 30 minutes is free of charge. Beyond this period, the payment for each interested person is

worker per commenced 1 hour of work:                                                                                       320,00 CZK


C.  Fee for sending by post

All shipments according to the valid tariffs of the Czech Post. Possible packing 50, -CZK.              


Note: Except for point B, prices include VAT. The price list is valid from 1.6.2020 until revocation.