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DP 2023 Open Day or Experience public transport differently!

The way to make a payment with a contactless payment card in public transport vehicles in Hradec Králové

Self-service door opening of public transport vehicles in Hradec Králové

Stops at signs in public transport in Hradec Králové

12. 10.2022
"DPmHK uses the full potential of Michelin premium tires, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. The Michelin company sees DPMHK as a strategic partner in the development of electromobility and with the new product X INCITY EV Z brings even greater safety, comfort and at the same time reduces the rolling resistance of vehicles."

"Sustainable Sessions" with Ben Cristovao

Training for public transport drivers at the polygon in Hradec Králové

24. 9.2020
Cleaning of the public transport terminal in Hradec Králové

18. 5.2019
70 years of trolleybus transport in Hradec Králové

9. 11.2018
Seniors on a train to the forest 2018

6. 10.2018
Open Day 2018

18. 9.2018
Become a hero YOU too.

4. 1.2016
Clip of singer Michal Horák - At 7:25.

4. 4.2015
The Klicper Theater prepared a small gift for its audience for the 130th anniversary. A public transport bus went to the streets of Hradec Králové with photos of the actors from the Klicper Theater production. See how the advertising sticker was created.

BUS TV - Advertising you will connect with - advertising in public transport on LCD monitors. Promo video of the BUS TV company.

17. 5. 2014
Celebration of 65 years of trolleybus transport in Hradec Králové II. - the report was filmed and narrated by David Balda and assisted by Daniel Šimek - Events from Hradec

17. 5. 2014
Celebration of 65 years of trolleybus transport in Hradec Králové I. - report shot by Jaromír Klokočník KANGATVCZECH

14. 2. 2014
The christening of the Hitrádia Magic bus at the public transport terminal with the personal participation of grandfather Eduard Kachlička.

5. 10. 2013
Open day of the Transport Company of the City of Hradec Králové, a.s.;

18. 4. 2013
Student video of the SECONDARY SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS in Hradec Králové created for the graduation ball in 2012. The students were inspired by traveling by public transport to the school building in Černilovská Street in Rusek.

27. 9. 2012
The christening of the trolleybus for the University of Hradec Králové with the participation of the rector of the university, prof. Josef Hynek and the director of the Transport Company Ing. Miloslav Kulich and what preceded him.

č. 4/2015:
introduction – modern vehicle fleet, THD, services of the Driving School and Travel Transport centers and, from March 2015, the possibility of online top-up of the city card via the Internet

č. 1/2015:
City Architecture (Part - Terminal HD)

č. 20/2014:
European Mobility Week (part - presentation of electric buses)

č. 15/2014:
introduction - Hradec Tourist train

č. 20/2013:
introduction - Anniversary of 85 years of public transport in Hradec Králové 1928 - 2013